3105 Commodore Plaza | Coconut Grove | FL | 33133 | (305) 447-5858 | www.luluinthegrove.com | VIEW MAP

 Lulu is a vision of what an outdoor sidewalk restaurant should be, where Commodore meets Main Highway in the center of Coconut Grove; a funky neighborhood joint with a sophisticated vibe, a place that will connect people and start a conversation; a meeting venue that will serve dishes to share around a drink.

Lulu is the combined effort of individual strengths coming together to create a rhythmic, interplaying, and improvisational masterpiece where each player riffs off his or her own talents and history to bring a fresh, new perspective to the ongoing story. At Lulu we believe patrons and friends are looking for more than just a deal. It is not so much about the bargain, but where you want to spend your money; besides the quality of food and service, it is about contributing to the health of a community, by sponsoring local charities and offering the option to everyone to do the same.

Lulu is all about the convention of life in all its eclectic glory, exploring new ways to bring that to the table, whether it be through food, design, atmosphere or all of YOU.