848 Brickell Ave #120 | Miami | FL | 33131 | 305-456-5015 | www.ateliermonnier.com | VIEW MAP

Atelier Monnier is THE French bakery to reward yourself, to celebrate or to party!

We offer flavorful, natural and freshly made pastry, macarons, cakes and tarts, European ice cream and sorbets, frozen desserts, handcrafted chocolate, French baguette, sandwiches and salads. You will have the opportunity to pair our treats with a fine selection of French wines.
Our natural ingredients are exquisitely balanced so you enjoy the full experience from the first bite. Patrick Feyten, a native of Belgium and a passionate foodie has the ambition of bringing top quality, fresh artisanal pastries and savory bites in the streets of Miami. To achieve this goal Patrick works closely with the French pastry chef and creative artist Franck Monnier.
The flavors of Atelier Monnier embody the delicate balance between artisanal tradition and the pursuit of perfection. Our desire to produce the very best is the result of a team that not only has the skills, but also the love and passion for the art of food.