4582 NE 2nd Ave. | Miami | FL | 33137 | (305) 456-5909 | www.buenavistabistro.com | VIEW MAP

When renowned French Chef Claude Postel moved to Miami, a couple things were certainties: the weather was unbeatable and he wanted to create a true neighborhood eatery where discerning diners gather for a taste of authenticity—and value.  Within months he opened what soon became the neighborhood spot where the décor is simple—a laidback, 1950s-style not distracting from the flavors that the kitchen churns out everyday.  It is a place where people come for great food at a great price. As one diner puts it:

“Miami has too few places like this. Small, charming, lots of little details and great food. This is exactly the kind of place that NYC-ers coming to Miami are missing!”

Known for its fun, lively atmosphere and casual gourmet dining, this hotspot stays open well past dinner—until midnight—every night of the week. Favorites include a duck pâté and signature jumbo scallops that are simply delicious and beautifully plated.  And that’s just the beginning.