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So I have recently become obsessed with Dutch Brand-Scotch & Soda.  Their designs are casual-chic and ohhh so comfortable!  You don't know how thrilled I was to find out that the store I had been going to on Lincoln Road called Inseam which has a small selection of Scotch and Soda are the same owners of this new Scotch and Soda pop-up right next to Micheal's Genuine.  I  tried a dress on at Inseam on the beach and my size wasn't available. They quickly offered to call this midtown location to find the dress and the correct size.  Once arriving to the store they were extremely helpful, and tracked down the dress and size I needed from upstairs.  The salespeople at both stores are very friendly and accommodating, which is hard to find in Miami.  

Great store and amazing brand- so happy to see it in Miami!

Yelp Review Dec 2011 - Megan H